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6 Ideas to Spark Innovative Thinking in Your Finance Department

6 Ideas to Spark Innovative Thinking in Your Finance Department6 Ideas to Spark Innovative Thinking in Your Finance DepartmentAutomation, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are just some of the technological advancements transforming the accounting and finance industry - and opening up a world of new opportunities for your staff. The question is, are they ready for it?As accountants, auditors and analysts spend less time on manual, repetitive tasks, from data entry to report generation to compliance checks, they have more time - and mental space - available to devote to creativity. Making the best use of that time and space may take some coaching from you. Here are six ideas to spark innovative thinking in your finance department1. Build an idea-friendly organizational cultureFirst, you need to make neuschpfung a cornerstone of your corporate culture.Does your current organizational culture support or stifle innovation? When an employee proposes a good idea worth ex ploring, do they receive the support and resources needed to take it to the next stage? How challenging is it to get a sign-off on change projects? (Research by shows that the biggest obstacle to innovation isnt a lack of ideas its bureaucracy.)To answer these questions, seek input from your staff - either by asking them directly or through an anonymous survey. Either way, youll want to get their perspective on your companys approach to moving in new directions, along with their suggestions for improvement.2. Dont be a bottleneckHow quickly do you provide feedback or take other action on your employees proposals? Do new ideas tend to languish in your email inbox, get lost in the mountain of paper on your desk or end up forgotten simply because you dont prioritize them?Workers can quickly become discouraged and unmotivated - and unwilling to offer up ideas in the future - when management fails to acknowledge their proposals. On the flip side, it can be incredibly empowering for st aff members to see their ideas being fully considered, developed and put into practice by the organization.3. Keep your team ahead of the curveAs discussed earlier, technology is dramatically changing how accounting and finance teams work, and thats helping to create more time for innovative thinking. Todays professionals need to be familiar and open to working with cloud-based financial solutions, robotic process automation, AI, machine learning, big data analytics, and more. Even if some of these technologies havent come to your finance department yet, youll want to make sure that your employees are ready to embrace them when they do.Preparation is important because finance teams are already feeling pressure about keeping pace with technology, according to a recent survey by Management Resources. So, rather than wait for technology-related skills gaps to emerge in your organization, start developing your teams technical skills now. Its worth making a proactive investment If your e mployees can stay ahead of the curve, youll be setting up your firm to remain competitive for years to come. Your workers can use new technologies to create efficiencies and help your geschftlicher umgang problem-solve and innovate in entirely new ways.4. Promote cross-departmental collaborationFinance teams no longer exist in silos. (Technology has a lot to do with that because of its ability to break down collaboration barriers within organizations.) Chief financial officers often find themselves working closely with their C-level peers in IT, operations and sales, using financial data and systems to help develop geschftsleben strategies and identify new markets.Encourage your staff to work with employees outside their immediate teams to carry out functional projects and develop their business acumen. A solid understanding of their role in the big picture - and how other departments work - helps to drive innovation and optimize workflows across the company. Job shadowing and cro ss-departmental mentoring are just some ways to get your team working effectively with others in the organization.5. Make think time an everyday practiceAnother strategy for promoting innovative thinking in your finance department is to give your team members ample time to think creatively. So, encourage them to incorporate some think time into their everyday work routine - just 15 to 20 minutes per day. Dont mandate it, or it will be seen as a chore. But do make a point to promote it, so employees know its okay for them to put aside their regular work for a few minutes and apply their brainpower differently.Of course, youll want to see positive outcomes from this exercise. So, ask your employees once a month - or more frequently, if appropriate - to share what theyve been thinking about with you or the whole team. Let your employees know that you welcome all ideas - big, small and even off-the-wall. You may find that one persons idea is the perfect complement to another team me mbers idea, or it may inspire the whole group to come up with a different and even better idea.6. Be the change you want to seeAs a manager, you need to set an example for innovative thinking so that your team understands that its a business priority. Day-to-day work demands can easily get in the way of creativity, so be sure to carve out time during your day specifically for new idea generation. And throw your own ideas into the ring, along with your employees proposals, for discussion and constructive criticism. When employees realize that you value innovation, they will value it, too.Innovative thinking is not just for technology, design and marketing teams. The finance department has much to offer the business in the way of creative ideas. Accounting and finance professionals can make the most of both new technologies and age-old human ingenuity if they have the support, time and encouragement from management to make it happen. Applying these six ideas to spark innovative thinki ng in the workplace can help give your team members all of the above.

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Whispered Google Drive Resume Templates Secrets

Whispered Google Drive Resume Templates Secrets The development of media streaming has resulted in the downfall of several DVD rental companies including Blockbuster. Moreover, you must not forget the significance of Facebook, that is the largest social network. Youre generally considered free to explore different teams after as few as 1824 months on your present team. Google drive has become the most popular cloud storage service on the planet. Facts, Fiction and Google Drive Resume Templates Ensure you load the state dict just before the time that your training starts. The service welches created to help people and companies collaborate easily. Besides that there are plenty of google cloud services which are available to use. Though the file will download, that which we care about is the download LINK thats generated. Because it doesnt consist of cross-domain copy, it would be accomplished almost instantly. The script will subsequently execute and youll observe the sub sequent menu. You can see the comprehensive script in my Github. The Definitive Approach for Google Drive Resume Templates The very first reiter is named Overview. You will now observe another box very similar to below. You should observe the next screen. The next screen will enable you to select whether to install updates. At the close of the page select how you want to send the file. It would be a lot more useful in the event the email looked like it arrived from the customer so you can reply to it directly. Do not decide on any other choice. Click this link and discover your chromebook in the very first column. Its possible to share a file working with a completely free one-time link and your recipient wont be in a position to split the link with anyone else. If youre new or dont understand how to utilize Google Drive well let you access the application. In this learning application, youll find out the way to use a simple Google Assistant application with a single- minded appendix and learn to utilize your application on the emulator or your own personal computer. The second quality of the application was supposed to allow users to persist a neighborhood replica of the file in order that they could edit it while not on the web and upon reconnecting the file would be automatically updated in the cloud. Google Drive Resume Templates - the Story Google Sites provides a wide range of pre-built templates, or allows you to make your very own customizable templates. Choose the Google account that you have logged in previously. Google presents free services for individuals who contribute to Google Maps. Finding the proper Google Apps Reseller in case you have resolved to deploy Google apps for your enterprise, its crucial you take the aid of an authorized reseller. You also have Google maps, Google Reader and a multitude of other totally free products, all which can help you Make Money With Google. You only have to visit the regional Google guid es with your Google login and confirm the city in which you live. A couple years back, Google began to place paid ads alongside the free search benefits. Google offers you all of the tools youll ever have to be successful and theyll actually support you in how to earn cash with Google. font of Google Drive Resume Templates Finding the most recent updates first is an excellent reason to purchase the Pixel phone. Then you need to start again from the scratch, which isnt optimal. If you allow, google will supply the relevant details to the specific app. Head over to dashboard and click Sub websites, click the green plus icon to make a new sub site Click sub websites, and proceed to make a new sub website. Youll discover details about how to search Gmail depending on the size of the attachments here. So it is dependent on what you prefer. Be aware that the telephone number has to be in international format. Most Noticeable Google Drive Resume Templates Together with our in depth group of 9 editors, its our endeavor to make sure that we supply you with objective and unbiased information that will very well serve your purpose so far as choice of specific software is concerned. There are a lot of ways to do that. Should you need any help, dont hesitate to ping me on Slack. No matter what type of geschftliches miteinander youve got, Google probably has a cheap or absolutely free tool youll be able to use, and Google for Entrepreneurs is a great method to find out whats out there and explore your alternatives. Instead, there are lots of alternatives on GitHub. Google Docs as most folks know is an outstanding document tool which may be used to make and share with assorted people online. The good thing is there are helpful web tools that may help you to save your favourite video content. How to Get Started with Google Drive Resume Templates? In a time where data security is critical, we cant simply trust the applications. So its going to be refreshe d and taken care of by the computer system. It is possible to request completely free modifications if youre not happy. To purchase the product it is possible to visit our website and receive the optimum offers on our every item. All About Google Drive Resume Templates Its not quite as simple to download your favourite YouTube videos to your PC. Actually, youre even more acquainted with foreign television programs and series. The quality is fantastic becaBooksHustlersrte they arent re-encoded. The quality is quite good because they are not re-encoded. The program is readily available for a wide selection of platforms and devices, including servers. A remote is like a connector to a particular folder in a specific cloud storage. Moreover, the command-line tool exposes a lot more features. The completely free package provides you 10 GB.

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How to Choose Writing Oncology Nurse Resume

How to Choose Writing Oncology Nurse Resume Nursing is frequently a springboard to numerous different positions. Nursing today is much more than simply working at the bedside. To find out more on what it requires to be an Oncology Nurse, have a look at our complete Oncology Nurse Job Description. The Oncology Nurse resume template here is a useful tool for getting the job that you desire. The oncology nurse might be responsible for following the medical oncologists prescriptions, ensuring the proper drug dose is administered to the appropriate patient via the appropriate route. Since the arrival of advanced cancer therapy, mid-sized to large hospital campuses frequently have an oncology team to control patient diagnoses and treatment plans. Nurses who are employed in oncology has to be very detail-oriented because the medication administration can be quite complicated. Whispered Writing Oncology Nurse Resume Secrets Additionally there are many set of themes readily availa ble on the web. There are various types of cancer that could influence an individual and each individual patient wants a different kind of care program. For management, it can be valuable to have a specialist design and fashion mainly because it is going to provide a great perception to any long-term employers. Being a real nurse used to be related to the white starched dress uniform and cap. Writing Oncology Nurse Resume - Overview Some employers might accept candidates that are qualified for licensure but still havent got their license. Graduates might be qualified to develop into advanced practice nurses, research supporters or educators also. When it will be far better make a 4-year bachelors degree in nursing, aspiring nurses may decide to begin their career with a 3-year diploma program or 2-year associate level. Nurses have to reveal a complete commitment to their continuous expert education so as to retain their license. Writing Oncology Nurse Resume at a Glance T he discomfort will just last a couple of hours. If youre supposed to have a medication on a set schedule during the day, you might want to set the alarm clock so that youre able to wake up, take the medication, and return to sleep. Its fine to sleep and allow the hours pass. Being a real nurse doesnt appear to have the exact same fantastic feeling that it used to. The Little-Known Secrets to Writing Oncology Nurse Resume Our love keeps growing and blossom. You decide the type of nurse youre likely to be and what qualities you would like to represent regardless of what others do. The recipe of succeeding in any work hunt would be to continue to keep your continue easy and effortless. It is to keep your resume simple and straight forward.

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Is Your Resume Doing All It Can (Nope!)

Is Your Resume Doing All It Can (Nope)Is Your Resume Doing All It Can (Nope)Your resume is a tool, and like any device, you want to know that youre using it in a way that makes the most impact. But, how can you tell if your resume is doing all it can? Theres one easy test Did you get the interview that you really wanted?If bedrngnis, theres probably mora your resume can do for you. A resume cant get you the job, but it can get you an invitation to peek into the door of the job if its optimized, that is.The Power of Your ResumeA very real misconception that exists in the minds of many job seekers is that a resume is meant to be biographical, or worse, encyclopedic. But it takes a lot mora than just regurgitating names and dates to make an impression in todays job market. Writing a professional resume means selling yourself, and no matter how dirty the thought of sales makes you feel, thats the world we live in. So, next time youre considering applying for a job, look at your resume w ith fresh eyes and ask yourself these questionsWould I Hire Me? Its as important to be personable as it is to be skilled, after all, no one wants to hire the most talented jerk in the room. Instead of coming off as a lot of swagger wrapped in a degree (or not), tune your resume to make yourself seem approachable and experienced. Youll win a heck of a lot more friends that way and when you make it to the short list, you wont be cut for appearing intolerable.Is My Resume Tailored to the Job I Want? Instead of sending out a bunch of resumes willy-nilly, carefully choose the companies and job titles you want to be considered for and take your time to craft a resume that fits that specific job title at that specific place. Use your resume to show how you can solve the problems that employer faces instead of throwing it to the wind and hoping it catches air.Does My Cover Letter Highlight My Resume? Professional resume writers the world over know that your cover letter is as vital, if not more so, than your resume itself. Instead of just repeating whats on your resume, use your cover letter to point out specific experience useful to the company you hope to work for you can, and should, flesh out the story of your resume in your cover letter for an added punch.Before you send off one more resume, make sure its doing all it can for you. The time you spend building the right resume is time invested in your future, not time wasted on another job you might not land.

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How to Self-Onboard to Maximize Success

How to Self-Onboard to Maximize SuccessHow to Self-Onboard to Maximize Success In todays transient job market, its not uncommon for people, especially ones just beginning their career, to want to switch jobs. In 2016, employee turnover was as high as 50 percent for employees 24 and under. Job switchers have an incentive to leave one job for another, as they increased their wages by an average of 5.2 percent according to Q1 2017 data from the ADP Workforce Vitality Report . Changing jobs frequently puts pressure on HR to onboard new employees successfully and efficiently. Though HR professionals are certainly invested in crafting onboarding into the best experience for you, there are also clear ways you can self-onboard to distinguish yourself when entering a new job. Self-onboarding, or taking initiative from the outset of entering a new company and a new position, can help you make an immediate difference and create a lasting impression that will serve you well into the future. It starts with the interview and continues months after beginning the job. Heres how to proactively take charge of your success.Self-onboarding can really begin in the interview process . Your resume is already vetted and youve already talked to a member of HR, so now your potential future boss and gruppe are interviewing you to see if youre a culture fit, and confirm whether you can successfully perform the job requirements. You can be proactive before each interview by coming with in-depth, intelligent questions showing you know about and are genuinely interested in the company. For example, you can ask, Congratulations on receiving new funding How do you plan to use the money? or I saw that you won a big award recently. How did your team come up with the concept? Make an effort to meet everyone on the team, even requesting an opportunity to meet those you havent interviewed with before a decision is made. If thats not a possibility, or you gauge that such a request would be too forward, reaching out via email is a good alternative. emaille everyone on the team to express your excitement about the possibility of meeting them and working with them in the future. Such proactivity may seem unnerving, but it could set you apart as a top candidate . Whats more, when you do land the position, youll be that much more prepared to hit the ground running. What can you do to ensure your team members feel they hired the right person? Provide value right away. Fulfill your assignments in a timely manner, deliver accurate work and give more than expected. Find ways to rally around a shared vision of the company with your coworkers and help solve problems. Ask your team lead what the main vision and goal is of the specific team and the company, write it down on a sticky note next to your computer and refer to that note to make sure your work leads to that goal. Delivering meaningful work from the start will set you apart and establish a positive re putation . Self-onboarding is deciding to immediately engage in your team, your work and your company, rather than coasting the first few weeks on the job. And those who deliberately engage are much more productive and add much more value, according to O.C. Tanner Institute research .After HR has delivered its onboarding orientation, and you have taken care of the typical orientation essentials, continue your self-onboarding by organizing your own two- to three-week contextual tour of the company. This self-curated tour means creating a schedule to meet the people outside of your team that will impact or receive your work. You will also want to build in a few minutes to get to know other influencers in your organization to help you better understand context and how work is done. Moving past your team circle is critical to putting you in a position to do your best work from the start and distinguishing yourself at any organization, regardless of your job title or level of experien ce. Make it easy for people to meet with you by asking them out for coffee, a quick lunch or even a quick dive into a meeting room for a 15-minute discussion. Use this time to put names to faces, learn the nuances of the business and put your job into a big-picture perspective. Taking the extra time and effort to self-onboard, from the very outset of the interview process, is a powerful way to take personal control of your success. Regardless of how informative, helpful and detailed your formal onboarding experience is, or perhaps how poorly organized it is, you can ensure your own success from day one by taking proactive steps to add value and make a difference others notice and appreciate.Gary Beckstrand is a vice president at O.C. Tanner , the worlds leading employee recognition and engagement company. There, he helps oversee the O.C. Tanner Institute , a global forum that researches and shares insights to help organizations inspire and appreciate great work. He has consulted wit h numerous Fortune 100 companies to assess recognition cultures, develop strategic solutions and measure results.

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Aggressive shoeless feet on airplane traumatize fellow travelers

Aggressive shoeless feet on airplane traumatize fellow travelersAggressive shoeless feet on airplane traumatize fellow travelersBeing trapped on a plane with strangers can lead to culture clashes.For peasants like us who fly in predetermined seats, you cant choose who youll sit next to. It can be a game of roulette whether youll get an overly talkative seat mate, an overly neurotic seat mate, or in the case of Twitter user Jessie Char, your seat mate can go beyond a human being bound by morality and laws- it can be a foot.On Wednesday, Char shared what started out as a happy story.JackpotBut then, uninvited guests for the flight arrived across the aisle.Hold on. The story gets better.A disembodied foot with a mind of its own? This is where most of us would draw the line.The moral quandary of bare feet on airplanesI let out an audible gasp when I read this. Many of us rest our heads on those window shades when we sleep on planes Where has this foot been?On the one hand, there is nothi ng pressingly wrong with what this passenger is doing. You shouldnt call the flight attendant over for this. These feet arent harassing anyone. There is no one sitting in the chairs that the feet have occupied. Whats one persons grossed-out reaction is another persons paradise, as the abridged saying goes.But putting your uncovered feet in spaces that other people touch touches a visceral nerve of nope. It may not cross a legal boundary, but showing off your bare feet on public transportation does cross a traditional social boundary.The story could be worse, however. Char spotted the rogue feet across the aisle. Unsightly to look at, but a safe distance away.Twitter user Brittany Prime had an unwanted, peeling and calloused foot on top of her arm rest.Wow is that horrifying.Of course, foot etiquette is a consistent subject of discussion for flyers. Yet people never seem to learn. Heres hoping your next geschftliches miteinander trip is less funky.